SeCom-V enables simulating different scenarios for a flooding river surrounded by a city with all its infrastructure and houses.

The river receives different discharges that leads to flooding.

The players operate as decision makers of the involved organisations in flood risk management. They play the role of water engineers, river technicians, city officials, emergency personal, etc.

Inside their roles they react to a flood event by planing and coordinating protection measures, considering economical, social, technical and environmental aspects.



Secom-V features:

    Unity3D-based Gameplay
    Multiplayer scenarios
    Management of protection measures, handling of own flood scenarios and Analysis of human, economical and environmental impacts.
    Linkage and collaboration between the different game aspects such as technical issues, socio-economics and ecology
    Different levels of complexity and a helping system during the game
    Scientific background for the behaviour of the river and methods for calculating the cost of the damages

SeCom-P serves as starting and acting point for the user.

The System includes tools for synchronous and asynchronous communication and collaboration.

SeCom-P features:

    Seemless integration of SeCom-V Game Module
    Video-based lectures covering the scientific background of the flood risk management as well as the EU Flood Risk Directive
    Self-assessments to be solved to see improvement of flood related knowledge
    Retrieval and analysis of SeCom-V game results

The database stores the SeCom-V & SeCom-P data and allows to exchange it with external systems.