Partners & Funding


Project Partners


  • RWTH Aachen – LFI
    Project management eLearning and hydrology Exerts Experimentation, validation, usability tests from the Student point of view Member of Sustainability committee.
  • Politecnico di Milano- METID
    eLearning and pedagogic experts – thus leading the pedagogic based work packages Member of Sustainability committee.
  • TU Vienna - Hydrology
    Hydrology Experts and leader of dissemination Workpackage Management of water management development Member of Sustainability committee.
  • HKC Cologne
    Expert in in simulating flooding schemes and flooding scenarios – thus providing necessary data about flood management, required skills and roles.
  • Zone 2 Connect
    Development of Unity 3D based Virtual Environment and serious Game.


SeCom is funded by EU-Life Long Learning Programme